Website Strategy Sessions

Does your site feel UNPROFESSIONAL and not aligned?

Do you feel like you lack AUTHENTICITY of what you do?
Are you always COMPLAINING that your site is SO not who you want to be known as?

NOT all web designers and graphic designers are created equal. It’s the reality and sadly over the years, I’ve fixed other people’s mistakes. It’s taken me hours to figure out what was wrong only for me to tell the client in the nicest way possible” Your site sucks and you wasted money on hiring this doofus”.This is where most people would go “ Oh man I thought he/she was going to be good and etc” This is WHY I’m offering this. I get it you are diy-ing it and girl/dude that’s fine but get out of your comfort zone and have a professional look at it.  With this Free 30 minute session we will chat about your site and figure out ways so you can feel confident about your site.





I help badass ladies get their duckies ( Yes, I went there and TRUST me your duckies are ready to too high-five the crap out of you and go” Get it, girl“) IN a row. I offer one hour sessions for ladies who need a kick in the ass in other words, you need someone to RANT too. Every lady out there is a badass. Every lady business owner out there has it in her to make the money she wants but she second guesses her self.If you ready to get your game on. Let’s chat. I’m excited to meet you.

 There has to be a catch. NO catch. I want to help people . You know good Karma.

Let’s chat for 30 minutes.