Being UPDATED for 2021

Communication: Gabbie contacts all clients via – e-mail or in a zoom call to start the design process.

Browser Compatibility: Gabbie uses the following browsers: Firefox 85.0b1 and Google Chrome Also you as a client should beware that your project might look different from outdated web browsers.

Design work/Product: The purchase of a Gabbie a Design or Service does not include the addition of categories, products, photos or text in any way unless otherwise stated. All designs are sold as-is, with or can include no color changes or alterations outside of what is described in the product listing, unless otherwise stated. Gabbie is not responsible for any errors caused by changes or modifications being made to any of our designs or templates by the client or any **third party.

Authorization: All clients agree to provide Gabbie access to any hosting, domain account or blog account for the sole purpose of installing and updating the web product as needed. Without agreeing you will get a refund for the full amount and no design work or files.

Demo Sites: FOR WordPress clients only!
All sites for new clients will be designed on one of my demo sites. The reason I do this allows me to troubleshoot if any problems happen. When projects are done the demo site will be up to two weeks with clients’ work. After that two week period, I take the design down.

Due to the digital nature of our products and services. Deposits will not be returned but invoices for payment plans will be canceled. Please make sure of your purchases before you ask for an invoice or checkout.  Refunds will happen if the client becomes passive-aggressive with Gabbie and no design work will be given to you.


If at any time we feel you have violated these Terms and Conditions, then we shall immediately terminate your use of our website and any related communications as we deem appropriate. It is within our sole discretion to allow any users access of our website, and we may revoke this access at any time without notice, and if necessary, block your IP address from further visits to our site(s).

With the payment, you accept the terms and conditions from Gabbie. MUST be paid in full or before design work is done or unless a payment plan is agreed on.

Development & Completion:
Gabbie works hard to complete all projects in a timely manner and will provide the client with an estimated time of delivery for the project. (usually 1-8 weeks from start to finish).


This site may use affiliate links to sell certain products or services. We disclaim any and all liability as a result of your purchase through one of these links. We will use reasonable efforts to notify you when and where we have placed affiliate links in addition to this disclaimer located in these Terms & Conditions. You accept express liability for any and all consequences or benefits of clicking the affiliate links contained on this website or related communications.

Pictures you supply to save the dates and etc.
You can submit your photos in either .jpg or .png format. The resolution should be at least 300 dpi or better to achieve good results. I cannot take responsibility for the print quality of low-resolution photos. It is illegal for me to use images that are copyrighted without the permission of the photography or company that holds the copyright. By submitting my photos, you agree that you are the photographer or have permission in the form of a copyright license from the copyright holder. You also agree to take full responsibility for any misuse of copyrighted images and agree to not hold me liable for any misuse of the copyrighted image.

Copyrights/ Credit Link:
ALL copyright privileges are retained by GABBIE a, this includes all text, graphics, images, HTML code, template design and overall layout of the design. These materials may not be copied or duplicated. You don’t have the permission to resell, redistribute, share, duplicate, or claim the design in any way. The Gabbie copyright credit link MUST remain at the bottom of your website design, appearing on ALL pages. You agree to never remove or alter these links in any way, as long as you use our website design. Gabbie reserves the right to add a thumbnail image of your finished site design to our portfolio along with a link to your website. Gabbie reserves the right to display all finished images, design elements, logos and or graphics in her project notes and online portfolio as an example of previous work. A client can request to have full copyright before the deposit of the project is paid.

*** Family member or friend, another design studio