Running a creative business for over a decade was taught me.



I’ve run my handmade biz for as long as I’ve been an adult. No joke and it’s been seriously a massive emotional roller-coaster. You pick up sales and clients and your flying high as a kite, you’re pretty much running to the bank with a huge smile on your face but then reality hits. You need to pay for a web designer, you need to launch that new idea, hire someone to do a photo shoot. Money is going out faster than it’s coming in. That’s when you decide you need to hire some fancy business coach and hope they can help the helpless soul that you have become. People want money people want success buttttt

You need to put the sweat in tears into it and you don’t need everything to be handed to you. You cant go out there and try looking cool online and etc. You need to find your voice. Be you and do a great job at what you are selling. Be the best version of yourself and your business. I know what your thinking Gabbie, I get you’re trying to be nice and etc but realistically I want all this money and success NOW. But what price. Think about it. How are you going to make your business better? Don’t say any of the following :

1. I need a business coach

2. Maybe I’ll buy an e-course of some sort

3. Maybe I’ll buy some business books


SO in other words make a huge ass list of all shitcrapyou need to get done before the end of the year. If this list ends up with 100 things then do 10-15 a month pick a number and hustle your ass off! I know what your thinking ” but you have been in business for 14 years Gabbie that kind of makes you a god in the business world” Actually it doesn’t I’ve had people tell me I’m still a new kid in the neighborhood. I’m not making six figures. Only I’m that kid with the cool skateboard with the brand new converses and has that cute Pokemon ( Hey I’m a 90s kids, laugh all you want ) Pikachu backpack and those super nerdy glasses and that really cool The cure band tee ( I actually own one.. I’ve seen them too ..I’m that freaking cool, but enough of the ego.. back to being your cheerleader ). Business gurus or whatever have people manage theirs.shitcrap You can hire a Virtual assistant and have them help you out on the (shitcrapyou don’t like!






I’m Gabbie a 30 something graphic/web designer and part time creative business owner. Based in Central California. Huge fan of Gummy bears and Izze's.