Who do you recommend for WORDPRESS THEMES?

Here’s are some of my favorites!

                                                                                               Some of my Favorite at Studio press

    1. Pretty Chic Theme 
    2. Brunch Pro Theme
  1. Pretty Creative Theme and
  2. Wellness Pro Theme
  3. Modern Studio Pro Theme
  4. Café Pro Themes

Design process

How does your design process work for custom projects?
I gather your information and I make 1-3 mock-ups of the logo or website and we go from there.


Do you install the template on my blog?

Yes, I offer this service for the price of the custom design work, or any web design package,

Genesis framework

I already have the framework from studio press will my quote be less?

Yes!! Your quote will be about $100 less.

Payment and Deposits

How do I pay you?

I take PayPal and Stripe and Square.PayPal and Stripe in USA dollars. You don’t need an account with them.

You can pay with your credit card or debit card. In some cases for larger orders, I will send you an invoice via Paypal.
I’m PayPal Verifiedsolid

 How much will my deposit be for my project?

Check the Terms of service for more details.

Waiting List and Turn around

What is your Turn Around time for projects?
Completed projection determination will be based on project requirements. The average completion time is 2-6 weeks.


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