Strategy Sessions


Do you feel UNPROFESSIONAL and not aligned with your website and branding or business?
Do you feel like you lack AUTHENTICITY of what you do?
Are you always COMPLAINING that your site/ business is SO not who you want to be known as?



I’ve been doing this business “THING” since I was eighteen at the time and now for the last sixteen years now, I’ve been doing my own thing. I want to help other business owners who want a cheerleader and who has seen first hand the rollercoaster that comes with running a business online.  I’ve had my lows and success but I also know its hard to find someone to talk to when you’re starting out. If you’re looking for someone who will be honest and also let you vent, let me be that person.


1-hour consultation: Talk about you and how your business is going what are your what, why’s what goals do you want to achieve at the end of the year. What do you need to do to get there?

#1 You get a clear idea of who you want to sell your stuff too !!

#2 You get all your ducky’s in a row, meaning you get your mailing list and website or landing page all set up !! So you can make bank !!

#3 You have a social media presence.

#4 You get comfortable in talking about your business.

#5 You learning to ask for help WHEN stuff goes to SH*T!! How to bounce back! And how to know when to ask for help.


 OK SO MUCH MUCH IS IT? $87 for 1 session, Yes $87 for 1 hour. That’s $2k worth of coaching for $87.

 There has to be a catch. NO catch. I want to help people at this low cost . You know good Karma.

I’m Gabbie and I help badass ladies get their duckies ( Yes, I went there and TRUST me your duckies are ready to too high-five the crap out of you and go” Get it, girl“) IN a row. I offer one hour sessions for ladies who need a kick in the ass in other words, you need someone to RANT too. Every lady out there is a badass. Every lady business owner out there has it in her to make the money she wants but she second guesses her self.

Did I mention I’m a BADASS Branding and Website Designer? If you ready to get your game on. Let’s chat. I’m excited to meet you.