Design should be beautiful.

From the blog:

Perfect for the business owner who needsSite makeover and REALLY fastWebsite Styling with custom logo $1100 Up to 5 revisions and 4 font changes for logo design.

This is perfect for the business owner who needs a brand new spanking Custom Logo: $399 Up to 3 revisions and 2 font changes.


I’m a nerd and really into the basics. My design style is meant to be a rebel. I’m not big on super girly websites. I want something that grabs your attention and says ” Hi this is me and this is my deal” So again welcome to my spot on the net. My goal is to help badass ladies get their duckies ( Yes, I went there and TRUST me your duckies are ready to too high-five the crap out of you and go” Get it, girl“) with their websites or branding or both. I don’t use any fancy titles like brand stylist because of that’s super cheesy. ( I’m a 90s kids .. not sorry for the random 90s slang yo!) I offer ” strategy sessions” for new and established business bosses THAT need a kick in the ass in other words, you need someone to help you get your duckies in a row.

  If you’re ready to get your game on. Let’s chat. I’m excited to meet you.