3 tips to running a business 2021 version

Let’s do this !! My BIGGEST

pet peeve



noun: pet peeve; plural noun: pet peeves

something that a particular person finds especially annoying.

1. Work smarter not harder!
Come up with systems that can work for your business. If you need to write everything down DO IT!
You don’t need that $ 100-month client management thingy if you’re not booking enough clients to pay for that. BALANCE is key here. In my handmade Etsy shop, I bought made it a thing to buy supplies when sales came in, If I made $50 profit it went back into the business like ordering business cards or even cardstock. If your sales are low why buy so many supplies to have them lying around. UNLESS your orders are coming in like crazy or your booking a shit ton of clients then invest in things that will make your life easier.
 2. Not buying to the latest It thing!
About business owners of all things especially those in the creative community is. We are HUGE  fans of the shiny new “IT”  thing that comes out and people start with the ” OMG YOU HAVE TO GO SEE THIS it’s AWESOME ” and then you go to the site and you see “free trial ” and you try it out. NOT EVERYTHING IS WORTH  buying or checking out. IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO PAY THE “yearly” rate …. No point in putting your business into debt because you must have it. The same goes for the Mac laptop EVERYONE says you need in order to be a better designer. What’s going to make you a better designer is you being true to your art and you actually working on being a BETTER designer. Remember because it works for someone else it doesn’t mean it will work for you. Watching you small business owners who mailer out orders.
3.Keeping your bills smaller! THIS IS A HUGE ONE!
Spending less will not make you any less of a business owner. I hear people spend up to $2k a month on really stupid things AND have read blog posts all for me to say ” WHY ARE YOU THEN COMPLAINING YOUR SPENDING TO MUCH MONEY ” ..you’re the reason your business is in debt. Just like how you’re making it harder on yourself, again this comes with #2 it doesn’t mean you need to buy that brand new Cricut machine and it doesn’t mean you need custom mailers yet.
 Bonus Tip:
 Make goals for example: At $100 sales order mailers or custom stamp. Make your time which should be about using it to be productive, not daydreaming.


I’m Gabbie a 30 something graphic/web designer and part time creative business owner. Based in Central California. Huge fan of Gummy bears and Izze's.