3 things NO one told me when I started out





When you start out you tend to overlook all the other “business” aspects for running a business. You don’t think about getting any of the following:

A business bank account

You need to separate your personal bank account from your business earnings. That way when its time to pay the IRS or taxes you have all your duckies in a row.



Register as a business.

You somehow forget that you need to do this because once you start making over a certain amount depending on where you live in say the (United States) each county has set rules for how much do you need to be making to be considered a business. So, in other words, legit.


Sign up for Mailchimp to start a newsletter

This is a must !! Mailing lists are a still effective way to get a glow your followers and audience and it’s personalized. This is something you need to be on top of. You need to email your list often maybe even weekly. Once you get this down the sky is the limit.





I’m Gabbie a 30 something graphic/web designer and part time creative business owner. Based in Central California. Huge fan of Gummy bears and Izze's.

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